Company overview

State Administration Services (SAS) is a division of Queensland Administration Services, one of the most highly respected firms in the insolvency industry, being in business since 1989.

Importantly, SAS is Australia’s leading and one of only a handful of firms that actually work for and advocate for YOU, the debtor, rather than those who are owed money.

At SAS, we offer understanding, empathy, experience and a dogged determination to always get the best results for our clients. SAS has access to a large number of national and international experts who include: Registered Trustees, Liquidators, Business Advisors, Financiers, Solicitors and Accountants that specialise in all manner of business activities.

Our mission

To fairly balance the playing field between Creditor & debtor.

Restore dignity to those who are experiencing financial duress [you are NOT a 2nd rate citizen!]

Reduce the financial and emotional burden of debt and enable you to concentrate on running successfully your affairs

how can we help you?

Contact us on 1300 296 717 or submit an enquiry online.

The landlord was threatening eviction and other creditors didn’t care about our predicament or how it occured. They wanted it all now or else. We in turn became reclusive and tried to pretend it was just a bad dream that would go away… Of course it didn’t! We were not bad people but were made to feel that way. Q.A.S (SAS) helped to restore our faith in humanity. They called a meeting of all our creditors including the Australian Taxation Office. Within a few hours they had us in an arrangement so good and fair that we hardly could believe that it was possible. They showed our creditors the benefits of us being allowed to survive. They showed us some people really do care. We cannot state highly enough, what a change for the better our association with Q.A.S (SAS) has meant to us! Their staff and management treated us with respect and understanding. They were available and approachable when we needed them.

Ray & Milagros E.
Builder and Restaurateur